Haventec Data Privacy

Protect your sensitive data with a simple file browser for accessibility and control – powered by Haventec Authenticate and Sanctum.

Decentralised File Storage

Society relies heavily on central institutions, including governments, banks and ‘Big Tech’, to keep data accurate and safe in systems that are increasingly complex, ‘sensitive data-rich’ and internet accessible.  Our trust in centralisation has, however, come at a cost.  Big budgets and ‘defence in depth’ strategies have not protected sensitive information. State-sponsored cyber-attacks, large-scale data provider attacks and monetary extortion cyber cases are all rising, with these attacks increasingly focused on access to sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data, classified documentation, Intellectual Property and other ‘data that matters’.

Haventec’s Data Privacy solution eliminates the impact of mass data breach by decentralising sensitive data across multiple locations, providing flexible accessibility via a simple user experience.

How it works

Haventec’s Data Privacy solution offers a simple experience for users to upload and retrieve sensitive information through a common interface – an internet browser. Built upon the Haventec platform, it restores control of sensitive data to the enterprise and minimises risk of mass data breach.

Our Data Privacy solution provides:

  • Protection against mass data breach.
  • Simple and common user experience.
  • Supports Cloud, private Cloud and On Premise deployments.
  • Secure document browser.

Features and benefits

  • Remove sensitive data off the network.
  • Decentralised organisation data vaults.
  • Decentralised user data vaults available on their device.
  • Haventec Authenticate user vault protection.
  • High security pinned data vaults.
  • Advanced device fingerprinting.
  • One-time use rotating key security.
  • One-time use vaults.
  • Expiring vaults.

  • Protect personally identifiable information.
  • Protect know your customer data.
  • Protect verification of identity data.
  • Enhance visibility and control of data use.
  • Protect against data misuse.
  • Enhanced device verification.
  • Secure data recall.
  • Activity audit and reporting.
  • Stream feeds into intelligence systems

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