A Haven for Sensitive Credentials and Data

Being prepared for when your enterprise is breached is the best protection against the insider threat and a cyber attack. Four years ago, we set out to create a platform that would provide the last line of protection for an enterprise’s most sensitive data and credentials.

Simply stated, Haventec does two things very well.

Haventec’s approach to protecting sensitive data addresses the problem at the source by decentralising sensitive data and credentials across multiple locations. By neutralising the target of the insider threat and cyber attacks, Haventec protects your most important digital assets – identity and data.

Haventec Authenticate protection against the insider threat and a cyber attack

Haventec Authenticate Protects Digital Identities From Harm

The Authenticate Platform offers a suite of APIs for protecting digital identities from theft and misuse.

Haventec Sanctum protection against the insider threat and a cyber attack

Haventec Sanctum Keeps ‘Data That Matters’ Safe

The Sanctum Platform offers a suite of APIs for protecting sensitive data from theft and misuse.

The Haventec platforms deliver tangible benefits for an enterprises risk, customer and financial priorities

Improved Customer Experience

With password options that cover PIN, face and fingers as well as password-free.

Reduced Cost of Operations

With Cloud options, competitive PAYG licensing and a reduced physical footprint, Haventec provides a more cost-effective solution when compared to traditional credential, multi-factor and secure storage solutions.

Accelerate Customer Acquisition

The improved customer experience supports an improvement in an enterprise’s customer acquisition rate.

Reduces Enterprise Risk

The platforms are designed to reduce the enterprise risk of storing sensitive credentials and data, by eliminating the need to do so.

Designed to Scale

The platforms are cloud native – designed for the cloud, built on the cloud – easy to deploy, and designed to scale.

APIs for Innovation at Pace

The platforms provide access to 20 RESTFul APIs, easily and intuitively integrated with your existing systems, allowing teams to innovate at pace.

Plans and Packages

Our starter package is designed for immediate access to the platform when you need access to less than 7000 licenses.
  • Up to 7,000 active users (Authenticate).
  • Up to 100 vaults (Sanctum, size limit up to 1 MB).
  • Unlimited logins – authentications and access to the vaults.
  • Software-as-a-Service.
  • Can be used by larger enterprises to support development needs prior to scaling.
  • Community support.

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With pricing packages tailored to your enterprise and customer needs. Get in touch to explore various enterprise pricing options.
  • Pay for active users, employees or vaults based on your organisations specific needs.
  • Software-as-a-Service (incl. SLA’s) or Enterprise Deployed (including private Cloud) options.
  • Monthly and annual subscription models.
  • Enterprise integrations.
  • Large file vault support.
  • Ideal for business-critical applications.

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Not for profit
Haventec offers registered not-for-profits enterprises access to the Authenticate and Sanctum API’s for no charge.

  • See enterprise plan details.

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