Haventec Authenticate

The Authenticate Platform offers a suite of API’s for
securing digital identities.

Decentralised Authentication

Haventec’s Authenticate platform protects digital identities from harm. Authenticate breaks access to your identity into multiple parts, separating them across multiple locations. Two sets of keys are changed and re-encrypted for every Authenticate transaction.

When using Authenticate to access a digital service, the user simply enters a secret [this secret is never stored anywhere]. Authenticate includes password options and a true password-free option – one that eliminates operational risk as it does not require a central credentials store to be maintained, unlike other “password-free” offers in the market that simply substitute a password for another factor, but continue to store the password centrally.

Authenticate’s architecture is quantum computer resistant, a matter that will become more pressing in relevance during the next four years.

How it works

Haventec Authenticate’s rolling key encryption offers a simplified and fully customisable experience with multi-factor encryption with every authentication.

Identity and account fraud prevention including protection against:

  • Password cracking;
  • Phishing & Pharming attacks;
  • Social Engineering attacks;
  • Shoulder Surfing attacks; and
  • Mass account breaches.

Benefits of Haventec Authenticate

Multi-factor Protection Without Multi-factor Friction

Simply enter something you know, e.g. a PIN, and you are authenticated. No need to find your dongle or phone to re-key a token.

Automatic Device Registration

We authenticate customers at a device level, providing further protection from an account breach.

Rolling Keys on Every Authentication

Every time your customers authenticate, the encryption keys are changed.

Simple User Experience

Your organisation has full control over the user experience. Options include biometric, PIN, password and password-free.

Frictionless Registration and Authentication

Onboarding a new trusted customer can often foster unnecessary complication. We keep it simple, and secure.

Simple and Flexible REST APIs

The platform provides access to 20 RESTFul APIs, easily and intuitively integrated with your existing systems, allowing teams to innovate at pace.

Download the Authenticate Whitepaper

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