Consent for e-Health

Securely store, consent, and share your personal health information.

Why Consent for E-Health?

The current models for storing personal health information are not stopping data from being stolen and misused. State-sponsored cyber-attacks, large-scale data provider attacks and monetary extortion cyber cases are all rising, with these attacks increasingly focused on access to sensitive data.

The health sector regularly tops the list of notifiable data breaches, as identified by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

For the health sector, the situation is further compounded by the global push for openness, the non-transient nature of personal health information (PHI), the industry move to electronic health records and connected care, and the regulatory focus on privacy and consent.


Why Now?

It will not be long before the incumbent authentication and secure-storage technologies become obsolete – they are not serving current electronic health needs, and as we become more reliant on electronic health services, this will become more evident.

The core health stakeholders (patients / health providers / regulators) are all seeking a solution to the lack of privacy and inherent weaknesses of the current model for storing, consenting and sharing personal health information.

Introducing Consent for E-Health

In collaboration with AustCyber and 23 Strands we are delivering a secure digital experience for personal health information storage, consent, and sharing. Consent for E-Health is built on Haventec’s proven data and identity security platform – Sanctum and Authenticate.

Consent management is a critical function in electronic health.  Consent allows patients to manage privacy preferences regarding their personal health information. Placing patients in control of the privacy of their personal health information ensures that the risks for reputational and personal harm are reduced.

The Australian first digital Consent for eHealth solution allows healthcare providers, service providers, and patients to securely store, consent, and share personal health information.

The Haventec platform stops personal health information being stolen by decentralising this information across multiple locations, so when the health providers enterprise or its cloud is breached, there is nothing of value to steal – a very novel way of approaching the challenges of maintaining a secure environment and protecting privacy.

“The digital transformation of the clinical and wellbeing industries has been unprecedented and we are seeing organisations now dependent on digital patient engagement. An e-consent platform like this will benefit the entire industry and will make individual patients’ lives easier. This is nowhere more evident than in patients and families going through COVID-19, with carers no longer even able to visit their sick family in ICU wards. We are collaborating with Haventec to ensure seamless and secure communication and consent can be delivered to all stakeholders at every level of care.”

Mark Grosser, CEO, 23 Strands

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