Haventec Sanctum

The Sanctum Platform offers a suite of APIs for protecting sensitive data from theft and misuse.

Protection from theft of data

Haventec’s Sanctum keeps data that matters safe. The platform obviates existing methodologies of storing data centrally. Sanctum securely deconstructs sensitive data into distinct components to allow for easy decentralisation. These components in isolation are of no value, but will, when combined using Sanctum, allow access to the data once again. Two sets of keys are changed and re-encrypted for every Sanctum transaction.

Sanctum provides organisations that need access to sensitive data the ability to access that data without the risk of centrally story the data. By removing sensitive information from an enterprises network, the risks of financial and reputational damage due to sensitive data theft is eliminated.

Sanctum leverages Haventec’s Authenticate technology to store data locally on Authenticate-secured devices. This allows an enterprise to give control of personal data back to their customers.

How it works

Haventec Sanctum offers the ultimate protection for when your organisation must deal with the impact of a data breach. Specifically:

  • Removing sensitive information off your network;
  • Securely managing data in decentralised environments;
  • Safely recalling data at any time to authorised users;
  • Eliminating mass data breach risk; and
  • Restoring control of personal data to the owner.

Benefits of Haventec Sanctum

Simple User Experience

A secure storage solution accessed via an easy-to-use customer experience.

Cost Effective

A cost effective alternative to HSM and other hardware based secure storage solutions.

Software-based Secure Storage

Provides development teams access to software-based secure storage, reducing development costs and timeframes.

Reduces Enterprise Risk

Every time Sanctum data is accessed, the encryption keys are changed. Eliminates the impact of a mass data breach by ensuring there is nothing of value to steal.

Control and Consent

Builds trust by giving customers control over their data, and how it is used.

Simple And Flexible REST APIs

The platform provides access to 20 RESTFul APIs, easily and intuitively integrated with your existing systems, allowing teams to innovate at pace.

Download the Sanctum Whitepaper

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