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    Sanctum decentralises private transactions

    May 2, 2017

May 2, 2017

Sanctum decentralises private transactions

By Robert Morrish, CEO, and John Kelaita, product owner on Sanctum at Haventec

We’re pleased to announce Haventec is making one-click transactions safer and easier with our Sanctum product launched in April 2017.

Haventec Sanctum is a revolution in the handling of critical data such as personal credit information (PCI), personal health information and other forms of personally identifiable information.

In short: we’ve decentralised payments and other private transactions.

Each user keeps control of their own PCI and other transaction data on their own secure devices.

The sensitive personal information and the security keys to ‘unlock’ transaction authorisations are kept apart – even when money is being transferred from a customer to a merchant, the merchant doesn’t collect PCI.

As soon as a transaction is verified with a unique one-time-only key both the lock and the key are instantly replaced.

Therefore, we’re not only doing away with the need for organisations to manage and protect any central store of critical data, we’re also helping enterprises reduce their compliance costs and fraud risks.

Sanctum gives customers a fast and secure one-click transaction method, which improves the customer experience. Meanwhile, we make it easier for organisations to safely handle those transactions.

The end result: Haventec Sanctumhelps build trust in every transaction.