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Cybersecurity and an Integrated Data Platform in One?

Haventec Authenticate is the company’s cybersecurity product that allows users to decentralize the storage of critical information by operating a rotating…

Haventec leverages Chef to automate Continuous Compliance and maintain PCI-DSS compliance

Haventec partnered with Chef and Fastlane to deliver secure by design, scalable, auto-configurable and auto-healing docker based ecosystems that remain constant…

Haventec at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018

Haventec CEO, Robert Morrish, will be presenting at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018 in Sydney on 21 August 2018.

SmartCompany: Nine Australian cyber security startups raising money and kicking goals

Haventec aims to stop the centralisation of passwords, credit card info, and other sensitive data by decentralising authentication across users, their…

Haventec Sanctum certified by PCI DSS to secure payment data

Haventec is pleased to announce that as of June 2018 we achieved certification as a PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of assessment available.

BrisSEC 2018 Securing Business: a new paradigm in sensitive information management

Businesses can improve data security and privacy by adopting decentralised approaches to sensitive information management said Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec, at the BrisSEC18 Securing Business conference.

FST conference: Future-proofing organisations against threats with decentralised security

Many organisations still rely on the username/password authentication method for their systems developed in the 1960s. This outdated method is causing major problems explained Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec, at FST Media’s Future of Security conference in Sydney.

Indonesia-Australia Digital Forum 2018: Haventec and future proof authentication

Cyber security is an important consideration in all business collaborations noted Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec, in his presentation on future proof authentication at the Digital Forum in Jakarta.

Smart Buildings Summit 2017: building security in the spotlight

Who is responsible for managing the cyber risks of a smart building? “The short answer: anyone who controls access,” explained Robert Morrish, Haventec CEO, during his presentation on cyber security at the Smart Building Summit 2017.

SecurityBriefAU interviews Robert Morrish about decentralised security

Robin Block of SecurityBriefAU sat down with Haventec’s Robert Morrish to talk about decentralised security, the implications of Quantum IT, and the market for Haventec’s technologies.


Australia-Israel leaders round table on cyber security

Haventec participated in the Australian delegation to the Leaders’ Roundtable on Cyber Security in Jerusalem, Israel, on 30 October 2017 along with government, academia and industry representatives from Australia and Israel.

Risky Business podcast: “Haventec’s solution is a bit more out there”

Popular security podcast Risky Business coined a novel description for Haventec’s Sanctum product during its 6 November 2017 show: ‘distributed “crypto magic” credit card storage’.

Quantum Computing’s impact on security: special report

Get up to date on the latest advances in quantum computing and its ramifications for cyber security in a special report from Haventec co-founder and inventor Ric Richardson.

Real estate data can now be protected by bullet-proof cybersecurity | 16 June 2017 A collaboration between Haventec and AMP Technologies will deliver cybersecurity and an integrated data platform in one, reports real estate industry publication

Protecting real estate from cyber threats: Rob Morrish at Realcomm 2017

“Data is the most valuable byproduct of digitisation in the world. Now you face a paradox: you need to secure this valuable data while servicing the demand for open access,” explains Rob Morrish, CEO of Haventec, during his presentation on cybersecurity innovation at Realcomm 2017’s Cybersecurity Forum.

Prime Minister agrees more collaboration needed for nation’s cyber security strategy

Haventec’s CEO Rob Morrish met with PM Malcolm Turnbull as part of a round table to review Australia’s cyber security strategy a year since it was launched. “Trust and confidence through cyber security is becoming economic and security currency for Australia,” says the PM.

Sanctum decentralises private transactions

We’re pleased to announce Haventec is making one-click transactions safer and easier with our Sanctum product. Haventec Sanctum is a revolution in the handling of critical data such as personal credit information (PCI), personal health information and other forms of personally identifiable information.

Authenticate safe ID and access control

Authenticate is built on our concept of properly decentralising data security so that organisations can offer safer identity and access control while protecting users’ privacy.

Australian Cyber Security on show at RSA conference in SF

When we joined Austrade’s delegation to the RSA Conference in San Francisco mid-February 2017 our aim was mostly to build Haventec’s company profile, as well as making quality connections with potential partners and clients. Listening to questions from new acquaintances as well as ongoing feedback from other members of the delegation was invaluable – pitching our story is simply the best way to refine it.

Cyber security tech trends at RSA conference 2017

The big technology trends being talked about at the RSA Conference circle some of the challenges in our industry: endpoint security; and artificial Intelligence and machine learning for server log management.

Pitch frenzy at UK Startup Games

Pitching alongside 50 other Aussie startups Haventec gained plenty of fresh perspectives on how we can sell cyber security innovation.

New data breach notification regulation

After several years of debate the Federal Government passed a bill early in 2017 that tightens the rules around data breach notifications. Find out what the updated laws mean for your organisation.

Ric Richardson’s insights into designing strong software teams

Early in 2017 we started arranging our engineering talent at Haventec into three teams, each playing to their personal strengths. Here Ric Richardson explains how those teams run and why proof of concept and minimum viable product teams are very different.

Tech insights: the power of random numbers

Random numbers generated by software shouldn’t make sense. Whether they’re used in cryptography or to add extra fun to a game, they’re meant to be unsystematic, unpredictable. So what can possibly go wrong?

Ric Richardson’s patently good lessons

Ric Richardson, inventor and co-founder at Haventec shares the patent lessons gained during his Uniloc days:

“If you look at the act of filing for a patent, you are actually laying your invention on the line — and very publicly.”


Passwords are an ancient concept

The concept of a password had its roots in armies and secret clubs, but as the inventor of the computer password Prof Fernando Corbato of MIT has admitted: “Unfortunately it’s become kind of a nightmare with the Web.”

Haventec earns trust & Fintech Award at Tech23 2016

Tech23 | 11 October 2016   Watch Haventec’s CEO Rob Morrish talk about the future of online security at the Tech23 2016 “Celebrating Australian Innovation” event in Sydney on 11 October 2016.

Alphahub Decentralises Authentication and Payments With Haventec

Innovative payments platform AlphaHub offers clients new Haventec payment security and ID authentication services built on a stronger blockchain.

Inventor Ric Richardson’s one-click payment system could change internet transactions

Sydney Morning Herald | 22 September 2016

Byron Bay inventor Ric Richardson is aiming to revolutionise security in online commerce and possibly other internet transactions with a new one-click payment system.

Microsoft patent victor Ric Richardson working on no-password security breakthrough

Sydney Morning Herald | 22 April 2014

Ric Richardson, the Byron Bay inventor who went toe-to-toe with Microsoft in a massive patent battle and won, is raising funds for a computer security solution he says could be “much bigger” than his last one.