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July 18, 2018

SmartCompany: Nine Australian cyber security startups raising money and kicking goals

Haventec aims to stop the centralisation of passwords, credit card info, and other sensitive data by decentralising authentication across users, their devices, and the Haventec servers. No sensitive data is ever stored on a business’ server in this situation, reducing risk for all parties.

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November 16, 2017

SecurityBriefAU interviews Robert Morrish about decentralised security

Robin Block of SecurityBrief Australia sat down with Haventec’s Robert Morrish to talk about decentralised security, the implications of Quantum IT, and the market for Haventec’s technologies.

Read the full interview on Security Brief Australia.

(In the excerpt below, Robert Morrish explains why encryption isn’t enough.)

Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec: “The problem with traditional data security is that key stores are often on the very networks they are protecting, and the perimeters of networks have all but disappeared with BYOD, cloud applications and SaaS solutions. So when hackers target an organisation they have plenty of ways of getting in — and they are highly focused, funded and motivated to do that, because as soon as they get to the key store they can unlock and steal even more valuable data quickly and easily.”

“The necessary question is: how do we store data in a way that is actually safe? Encryption is the common answer, but it is insufficient. Computing capabilities are advancing to the point that most current encryption will be rendered useless within a few years. Right now people are stealing encrypted data knowing they won’t have to wait long for a way to break into it.”

“Haventec aims to futureproof organisations against the threats of hackers using quantum computing. We had independent testing done by David Hook, who wrote cryptography for Android, and his first report said our identity management product Authenticate was built on quantum resistant attack architecture — which we knew, but it was great to hear in an independent review.”

“We don’t use central key stores. Our products encrypt data, deconstruct the data, and then distribute it into multiple locations — meaning a hacker has to approach multiple locations simultaneously within a very limited timeframe to launch an attack before we change everything around.”

“Our Sanctum product decentralises sensitive information such as PCI, so whenever you unlock a crypto vault on Sanctum, we actually destroy the old vault, create a new one and then deconstruct it.”

“For our Authenticate product, we decentralise user identity into three parts. The hacker has to come after our server, your device and the secret that is in your head. That last piece of information is never stored or transmitted in its raw form, and changes every time you interact with us. We have basically made it really expensive and really hard — if not impossible — to go after one account, let alone millions, and we have made it completely impossible to have a central network breach. Losing a million accounts in one go won’t happen with our system.”

Read the full interview on Security Brief Australia.

Topics discussed in the full interview include:

  • The main verticals Haventec is looking at as expansion opportunities
  • Haventec’s cloud and on-premise delivery models
  • Future growth opportunities
November 16, 2017

Australia-Israel leaders round table on cyber security

Haventec participated in the Australian delegation to the Leaders’ Roundtable on Cyber Security in Jerusalem, Israel, on 30 October 2017 along with government, academia and industry representatives from Australia and Israel.

The round table provided an opportunity to exchange views on challenges and best practice responses in the field of cyber security, including:

  • Frameworks and processes to support innovation
  • Best practice on government supporting and developing local cyber security ecosystems companies, innovation and research
  • Education and awareness on the ‘Internet of Things’, particularly in ensuring consumers are better able to use smart devices intelligently and securely
  • Application of international laws and norms in cyberspace.
  • The need to encourage students to strive for careers in cyber and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The meeting in Israel closed out the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu pledged deeper cooperation on cyber-security in the fight against global terror threats.

November 7, 2017

Risky Business podcast: “Haventec’s solution is a bit more out there”

Popular security podcast Risky Business coined a novel description for Haventec’s Sanctum product during its 6 November 2017 show: ‘distributed “crypto magic” credit card storage’.

In an all-Australian edition of the Snake Oilers product pitch show that also featured Kasada, Risky Business asked Haventec CEO Robert Morrish to give elevator pitches for Authenticate and Sanctum.

The host, Patrick Gray, seemed particularly interested in how Sanctum works, describing the private transaction security product as: “really interesting to people in the payment card processing space”.

“Basically [Haventec] has come up with a way to split credit card info into a few pieces so it can be stored in a distributed way,” described Gray. “Part of the info with the user, part with the merchant and part with the processor. It’s a better approach than tokenisation, and will drastically reduce the liability and costs that comes with storing huge amounts of card data on the processor side. Oh, and they’ve solved the chargeback problem on that one too.”

Risky Business security podcast logo

Listen to the full Snake Oilers #3 episode of Risky Business here.

June 20, 2017

Real estate data can now be protected by bullet-proof cybersecurity

GlobeSt.com | 16 June 2017 A collaboration between Haventec and AMP Technologies will deliver cybersecurity and an integrated data platform in one, reports real estate industry publication GlobeSt.com

Haventec’s CEO Robert Morrish and AMP Technologies’ CEO Neel Naicker spoke with GlobeSt about how real estate data can now be protected by bullet-proof cybersecurity that is user-friendly, cuts costs and gives companies peace of mind.

“Users need to leverage data to take action, but you need to protect your data or it will destroy you,” Naicker told GlobeSt.com. “We needed a venue to be ahead of the data.”

Haventec’s technology “eliminates hackers’ motivation because there’s nothing to steal”, said Morrish, “Authenticate is an internationally patented device that allows the user’s identity to be reconstructed on the fly using encryption technology.”

The technology including Haventec Authenticate was showcased at the Realcomm 2017 conference in San Diego on 13 June during a Cybersecurity Forum attended by industry thought real estate and cybersecurity leaders.