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We are living in an era of truly remarkable change. Industries and enterprises are being transformed by new technologies. Incumbents are being disrupted. Disruptors are redefining markets and transforming customer expectations. With more than half the world’s population now online, organisations seeking to remain relevant are relying on digital technologies to underpin access to, and meaningful engagement with, their markets. This rapidly expanding connectivity is in turn amplifying the impact of bad actors. The increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks, as well as the increasing impact of basic human error, are heightening concerns about privacy. Violations of privacy are driving a new focus from regulators around the world, each mandating new rules and data rights to both protect consumers and sanction increasing criminal penalties for data breaches.

Global economies have been able to thrive based on the existence of trust between transactors in an exchange. The future of open government and the open enterprise is heavily dependent on the existence of digital trust. However, current technologies are providing inadequate protection to the privacy, misuse, or theft of sensitive data. This is the acute and unresolved challenge facing the digital world. The core digital stakeholders (consumers / enterprises / regulators) are all seeking a solution to the inherent weaknesses of the current digital trust model. Addressing the weaknesses will require redesigning the foundations of digital trust which involves:

1.revisiting the need to centrally store sensitive data;
2.changing the way applications interact with that data;
3.changing the way individuals, the enterprise and third-parties access that data; and
4.providing individuals with more control over how their personal information is used and shared.

Why Haventec

At the core of the Haventec proposition is a remarkably simple idea, beautifully executed – protecting digital identities from harm, and keeping ‘data that matters’ safe – the key foundations for digital trust. Haventec have developed a suite of technologies that eliminate the need to centrally store sensitive credentials and data, providing the ultimate preparedness for when the enterprise is breached. Due to the decentralised nature of these innovative technologies, the sensitive data and credentials currently stored centrally are not there.

Haventec delivers a haven for sensitive credentials and data.

  1. For consumers and citizens, it provides them the capacity to extract value from their personal digital transaction data while maintaining their individual right of privacy.
  2. For governments and regulators, it provides a credible alternative to the current approaches adopted for protecting the sensitive data of individuals, promoting the safeguarding of the broader interests of society by sanction for mass data and credential breach.
  3. For digital suppliers and data custodians, it allows them to extend controls to their customers, placing them in charge of how their data is shared and used. It eliminates the risk of mass credential and data breaches and provides additional controls to the enterprise to better manage regulation of individual privacy that is in the best interests of the business, its shareholders, the Boards of Directors, and their customers, thereby strengthening trust.

Meet the Haventec team

Ric Richardson – Co-Founder
Inventor of Uniloc – “try and buy” software


Tony Castagna – Co-Founder
Co-founder of Nuix, www.nuix.com


Founded in 2014 by Ric Richardson and Tony Castagna, Haventec’s vision is to enable the open enterprise without the risk of maintaining and operating large stores of sensitive data – to solve the contradiction of keeping sensitive data safe, while supporting increasing business demands, and consumer expectations, for openness and connectivity.

David Maunsell

Stephen McNulty

Jordan Blair
Head of North America

Robert Morrish

Edora David
Ops Manager & Co-Sec

Vernon Murdoch
Chief Architect

Naveen Neti
Chief Engineer

Luke Hornibrook
Cloud Service Owner

Dave Maunsell

Dave is an accomplished executive with a strong affinity for technology and keen business sense for the application of emerging solutions. He has a proven talent for identifying core business needs and translating into outcomes.

Prior to joining Haventec Dave spent ~20 years at Accenture where he occupied a number of geographic leadership, account leadership and delivery leadership roles including Managing Director for Accenture Digital (AU and NZ), Inclusion and Diversity Lead (AU), Capital Markets Lead (AU) as well as Client Leadership roles for a number of Accenture’s Financial Services clients.

Prior to joining Accenture Dave spent five years at the Australian Stock exchange in a number of roles including the Internet and Information Security Lead.

Stephen McNulty

Stephen is a highly commercial, versatile and capable growth leader, with extensive experience in technology hardware and software sales (enterprise, mid-market, SMB and commercial), cloud and SaaS growth, encompassing digital and app services, software, hardware and alliances / partnership / channel management.

Stephen’s most recent role at Apple took ownership of Apple’s device business (iPhone, iPad, AirPod, HomePod, Beats and Mac) sales strategies and outcomes (as well as Services – Maps, Siri, Apple Music for Business, iCloud) in Australia and New Zealand for Apple’s enterprise business.

In addition, Stephen has led delivery organisations in global technology consulting businesses and led sales divisions in global technology hardware and software companies. He has built capability and solution selling teams and managed sales and country teams delivering strong results both in Australia and in Europe.

Jordan Blair

Jordan has over 25 years of leadership experience developing sales practices into Fortune 500 organisations. He is a results-oriented leader with a passion for aligning innovative technologies to business challenges and delivering those technologies to produce measurable results that ultimately improve the end-customer experience.

Prior to joining Haventec, Jordan held leadership positions in several start-ups and scale-up businesses where he was instrumental in establishing and leading globally scoped enterprise sales organizations, including direct sales, channel sales, partnerships, sales engineering, sales operations, and customer success.  Additionally, he spent over 15 years leading a team for global telecommunications provider Lumen Technologies that supported their largest customers’ digital transformations.  He has experience opening markets around the world for US companies and built out US operations for internationally headquartered companies (Japan and Australia).

Robert Morrish

Robert is a seasoned technologist with over 30 years’ experience taking innovations from concept through to commercialisation and a history of leadership in software and systems engineering, business strategy and enterprise architecture.

Robert joined Haventec from Macquarie Group, where he was instrumental in transforming Macquarie’s digital API platforms.

Robert was also involved in two other successful Australian start-ups that expanded into global markets: Sabela Media and Decide Interactive.

Robert is an accomplished Paralympian (1988 Seoul Paralympics & 1989 World Championships) and professional Afro/Cuban percussionist.

Introducing the Haventec Board

David Drummond

David has more than 20 years experience as a Tax Partner at KPMG.

He has extensive experience in Australian and international tax law.

He has particular experience in assisting innovative Australian companies engaged in global expansion.

Tony Castagna
Co-Founder and Director

Tony has 30 years’ experience in the commercialisation of innovative technologies and as a technology Venture Capitalist.

Tony has been a Senior Adviser to Macquarie Capital’s technology investment activities for over 20 years.

Tony is also the co-founder of ASX listed technology company, Nuix Limited  (www.nuix.com).

Ric Richardson
Co-Founder and Director

Ric is the core inventor and patent author of Haventec’s technology platform.

Ric is the inventor of Software Activation and founder of Uniloc, the anti piracy technology used by Microsoft.

Ric has over 200 registered patents.

A Fun-Loving Crew  

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Our Core Values


We are generous, open and want to help people. We are committed to excellence.

We work well as a team and build on our strengths together.

By being authentic and aiming for excellence we win more than satisfied customers, we gain loyal customers.


We are open and truthful with ourselves and with others.

Our honesty helps us work well together. We share accurate information and feedback.

Our frankness enhances our customer relationships. We acknowledge and respond to feedback, and we are clear about how we will solve challenges.


We treat everyone respectfully and fairly.

We appreciate each person we work with for their unique qualities and the strengths they bring to the team.

We listen to our customers to understand their needs so we can help solve their business challenges.


We build trust by being reliable and protecting confidential information.

We keep our promises to each other and our customers.

We help our customers build trust within their own networks of people.

Not For Profits

If you are a registered not for profit organisation, and interested in getting access to the Haventec platforms, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


At Haventec we pride ourselves on the company culture every team member has contributed to building. Our company is built up of professionals who are hard working and driven to deliver the common good within our company and with all other organisations our company works with around the globe.

If you would like to be considered for an opportunity at Haventec, please submit your resume to us and we will contact you with any details of job openings.

Contact Us

Junior to Mid-level Software Developer


Haventec’s internationally patented cyber security technology is the key to securing your critical data and credentials.

We know that organisations can struggle to contain security issues while supporting individual people’s access to important systems and participation in financial transactions.

We use proprietary implementations of established technology frameworks including:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) – key pair implemented with PIN.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – control of your own data and your privacy.
  • Blockchain – removing the need logins, passwords and central ID stores for network security management.


Authenticate uses TLS in a novel way: new users must first nominate something they know, e.g. a PIN. This PIN is never stored anywhere. The PIN is used to deconstruct a private key into a delta of the key. The user’s device is registered into the system with the encrypted delta of the private key. Authenticate then requires the encrypted delta from the device, the server side public key and the PIN for a successful authentication.


Sanctum also uses the Authenticate key system, but this time it allows the user to securely store their sensitive data  on their device. In a credit card transaction, for example, the Sanctum key generation allows a merchant access to process the credit card information without need the merchant to store the user’s credit card details, eliminating their PCI related risks and costs.

Independent testing
Haventec engages three independent security testing teams to test our products:

  • Independent cryptographic reviews.
  • Independent resilience testing.
  • Independent security penetration testing.

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