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April 3, 2018

BrisSEC 2018 Securing Business: a new paradigm in sensitive information management

Businesses can improve data security and privacy by adopting decentralised approaches to sensitive information management said Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec, at the Australian Information Security Association’s BrisSEC18 Securing Business conference.

Watch Robert Morrish’s presentation on 23 March 2018 “Decentralised security – a new paradigm in sensitive information management” to learn more about how decentralised data security approaches address major  challenges including:

  • Identity vulnerability — eliminate traditional attack vectors; remove risk of mass account breach; simplify and secure user experience
  • Evolving perimeter — protect channels and services; reduce risks of attack points; enable adoption of external solutions
  • Increasing legislation — prevent exploitation of critical data; reduce exposure to liability; return control of data to end users