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February 13, 2018

Indonesia-Australia Digital Forum 2018: Haventec and future proof authentication

Cyber security is an important consideration in all business collaborations noted Robert Morrish, CEO of Haventec, in his presentation on future proof authentication at the Digital Forum in Jakarta.

Watch Robert Morrish’s presentation here:

Exploring the increasing opportunities for collaboration between Indonesia and Australia in the digital sector, the Digital Forum aims to deepen and expand cooperation between thought leaders and practitioners from the Indonesian and Australian government, private sector and academia.

Participants discussed the possibilities and challenges of the digital age and considered opportunities to develop new partnerships.

Robert Morrish presented during the Cyber Security stream (other streams Creative Industries, Digital Health, FinTech and Start-ups, and Smart Government), explaining some of the major cyber security challenges organisations face worldwide including:

  • Traditional security practices damaging customer relationships
  • Compliance with data security and privacy laws
  • Central stores of identity (including usernames/passwords) are especially vulnerable

He also outlined the benefits of decentralising security with Haventec Authenticate:

  • Create seamless frictionless customer experiences
  • Make the end user feel safe in every transaction
  • Protect the organisation from data breach
  • Eliminate exposure to liability
  • Reduce cyber security risk
  • Simplify operations and reduce cost