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June 14, 2017

Protecting real estate from cyber threats: Rob Morrish at Realcomm 2017

13 June 2017 San Diego, Realcomm Real Estate Cybersecurity Forum: “Data is the most valuable byproduct of digitisation in the world. Now you face a paradox: you need to secure this valuable data while servicing the demand for open access,” explains Rob Morrish, CEO of Haventec, during his presentation on cybersecurity innovation at Realcomm 2017’s Cybersecurity Forum.

Watch Rob Morrish discuss innovation in real estate cybersecurity

The Realcomm 2017 conference focuses on trends and challenges for organisations in commercial and corporate real estate development, leasing, management and operations, with presentations from leading technologists, analysts and investors across the industry.

The Cybersecurity Forum during the conference on 13 June 2017 “brings together industry thought leaders to address the most impactful cyber threats, leveraging experience and knowledge to set benchmarks for cybersecurity strategy”, including discussions on four key topics:

  1. Traditional IT cyber threats;
  2. Protection of real estate operational and transaction data;
  3. Smart, connected buildings; and
  4. Physical security.

Rob Morrish, CEO of Haventec, notes that real estate cybersecurity is tougher than ever with the phenomenal growth of the internet of things presenting more challenges and more potential breaches for owners and managers of commercial and corporate properties.

He explains that the industry needs to address the paradox of securing its assets while improving the customer experience. While there is greater demand for innovation from the real estate industry’s technology infrastructure providers, it shouldn’t result in even more layers of complexity.

Real estate organisations have traditionally stored their critical information in central repositories, and built layer upon layer of supposed protection.

Haventec’s innovations such as Authenticate remove the need for real estate organisations to centrally store sensitive data by decentralising log-in authentication, customer identification and electronic payments.

Doing away with a central store of critical data and adopting Haventec’s innovative technology will allow real estate organisations to remove older defense layers that aren’t really working — saving effort, liability and cost.

Haventec’s commercial OEM client AMP Technologies is embedding Haventec Authenticate as the identity solution in its cloud based Commercial Real Estate Management Platform.